Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laid off? Now What?

I bet you know at least two or three people who have been laid off during the past year. It is becoming a "normal" occurence in the 21st century, especially during this economic slowdown. Here are some steps and actions you can take to find another and better job sooner:

1. Don't get lazy. You will find a job. Take a week off to internalise your job loss and communicate with your family and friends about loosing your job. do not allow yourself to go into a downward spiral by getting into a rut.

2. If you qualify for unemployment, go and sign up. You have paid into the system and you will pay into it again. It is a financial stop gap between jobs.

3. Think strategically. Network. Network. Network. Call your family, friends, acquaintances and your Christmas card list. Let them know your situation and that you are looking. If they give you a lead, follow up. Start a blog or newsletter. It is a great way to keep everybody posted on your comings, goings and progress. It is a fabulous networking tool.

4. Spend at least 40% of every day trying to find a job. Work on your resume. Your cover letter and Practise interview questions. Practise everyday. Send out as many resumes as you can.

More tips to follow in my next blog..

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