Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cover Letter Summary

Here is a summary of this weeks blogs on cover letters.

A cover letter creates a strong first impression of you and it will play a large role in determining whether or not your resume should be considered.

The purpose of the cover letter is:

  1. To quickly highlight your most valuable skills related to the specific position.

  2. To match your skills and interests to the job

  3. To demonstrate your personal qualities (tact, judgment, selling and communication skills)

  4. To request an interview

A cover letter should consist of:

  • OPENING PARAGRAPH: Indicates the purpose of the letter, such as response to advertisement, acting on a referral or writing a letter of inquiry, as well as references company research.
  • THE BODY: The place to highlight your interests and key skills and relate them to the position advertised.
  • CLOSING PARAGRAPH: To be used to request an interview.
    Every cover letter you write must be:

Write a new cover letter for each job application you make and tailor it specifically to each job.

If your cover letter is poorly written, long-winded or difficult to read, the employer may never read the attached resume.

  • Do not be too aggressive, too friendly, or too vague.
  • Make certain your cover letter does not exceed one page in length.
  • An effective Cover Letter:
    formally introduces you to the employer, indicating the source of your information about the job for which you are applying.
  • SUMS UP WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER: highlights the particular aspects of your education, work experience, activities or personality which would make you an asset to their company and this job.
  • BRIEFLY STATES HOW YOUR QUALIFICATIONS RELATE TO THE JOB: links together your experiences and abilities to the company's needs, indicating your knowledge of the job for which you are not applying at random, but have taken the time to inform yourself.
    STATES THAT YOU INCLUDED A RESUME : mentions the fact that a resume follows this short introduction.

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