Monday, April 20, 2009

First Impressions DO Count!

First impressions DO count!
Your professional outlook and appearance definitely contributes towards the overall decison making process to hire you.

Even though the dress code in the work place have become much more informal, the job interview attire remains strictly professional. A pair of jeans and a shirt should only be dooned once you enter the workplace - not during the interview. Both men and women shoul wear business suits to any and every interview.

For women, the best choice of interview attire is a smart business suit in a conservative color such as navy blue or black. For women, if you are wearing a skirt, be sure to use good judgment as far as the length of the skirt is concerned. When in doubt as to the appropriateness of skirt length, think of knee-length as the ideal.

Other tips for women include making sure to tone down any makeup. If you are going to wear nail polish, a very light color or clear coat is the best option. If you choose to wear jewellery, make sure that the styles are conservative.

For men, a suit is still the required uniform. A conservative colour like navy blue or black is your best bet. Men too should choose to leave their jewellery at home, as the only thing you want to call attention to is your world of experience.

Careful grooming is something that both genders should pay careful attention to. Make sure that your hair is neat and professional looking. Long hair should be pulled back and out of your face. For men with facial hair, be sure that your beard or moustache is neat and trimmed.

A caution!– for men and women alike – go easy on the perfume or cologne. Though you certainly want to smell good for the interview, you don’t want to send an allergic interviewer running out in the midst of a sneezing fit.

In summary, be conservative, conform to "old school" rules and dress professionally.

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