Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 Tips on Reinventing Your Career

Tough Job market? Time to look at options and strategies to reinvent yourself.

Here are 3 tips I have put into practise about reinventing your career during a tough market:
1. Stay informed...but pace yourself
Awareness of market trends is a very good thing. But, no need to surround yourself with bad news stories and gloomy economic forecasts. Find a niche, invest time and energy into the niche and prepare for that next job.
2. Stay focused on your strengths....and develop weaknesses..
Every organisation is rationalising, surviving and the smart ones are preparing for the upturn. They are looking inward to see what has made them successful in the past and how they can capitalise. So should you. Focus on reinventing yourself around your key strengths and unique talents and then offering them to organisations.

3. Focus on YOU
Yes, you read right - “YOU”
If you are chasing something which does not bring YOU happiness or which YOU have little enthusiasm for, then you have to reinvent and rediscover your strengths.
Focus on indentifying roles which involve activities which you enjoy. Jobs which will utilise your skills and strengths and which keeps you fulfilled and happy. After all it all about YOU.

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