Friday, March 27, 2009

Anxiety and the interview

As an interviewer, I know that it is normal for candidates to be anxious during the interview and this may impair their performance. Answers tend to be more conventional rather than creative.

Here are three techniques that may help:

1. Clench your left fist, preferably for 30 seconds or more, especially if you are right-handed. Clenching the left fist activates specific circuits in the brain’s right hemisphere. These circuits have been shown to enhance people’s capacity to reach decisions and alleviate unpleasant emotions.

2. Pactise your answers to standard questions, especially the ones that relate to your attributes, limitations, preferences and values.

3. Try not to conceal your anxieties, concerns or limitations. As an interviewer I know what you are nervous and I take it into account during the interview. By admitting that you’re nervous you can prevent your anxiety from getting worse.

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